Competitor Analysis

We distinguish your competitors and assess their positioning methodologies to decide their qualities and shortcomings in respect to those of your own product or services. We do it by seeing what keywords they are using, what strategies they are applying and furthermore search for the keywords because of which they are on the principal page of Google.

Free SEO audit of your website

We genuinely want your business, because your success is ultimately our own success.


On Site SEO Checklist

We watch out for your competitors SEO checklist and compares it with yours. We see whether every one of the components of the standard SEO checklist like Sitemap, Robots.txt, URLs, Header Tags, Optimize images, Broken Links,404 Page design, Mobile Friendly Site, Analytics Tool, Webmaster Tools, etc. are done or not.


Keyword Analysis

We keep the check on the keywords of your competitors and see whether they are short tale keywords or the long tale keywords, whether they are using question based keywords, or are they broad match, exact match or phrase match keywords etc.



We at that point break down your competitors positioning and check at what page of Google their site is available. If they are at the primary page than we see that what keywords they are using that enhances their positioning and after that settles keywords for your sites.


Backlink Analysis

We compare our Backlink analysis with that of your competitors and check what strategies they are using to build their backlinks, what tools they are using and so on.