SEO has changed drastically over the years. Many SEO companies haven’t changed their tactics from ones Google fights against to those that are “Google proof” and are built to last. If you’re working with an SEO firm that isn’t getting you the results you are looking for, we recommend you do one of the following: Get in touch with us using our contact us form. If you know you want a proposal from us request one here. Check out our clients and results. Learn more about our SEO services here.


2. My website is nowhere to be found on Google.

Many times this problem can be remedied fairly quickly so that Google starts indexing your website. There are many factors involved in showing up in Google’s search engine results pages. You could be the victim of one or more of the following: A poorly configured robots.txt file Spammy links to your website A manual penalty from Google Lack of legitimate links both internally and externally Your target keywords aren’t in your titles or content of your pages Many of our clients pay us to fix these very problems and to maintain a solid, effective SEO effort going forward. Learn more about our SEO services here. Or, if you know you want a proposal, fill out our form here.


3. My website design is bad and I need guidance.

Having a poorly designed website is a huge problem these days. Poorly designed can mean: It’s actually ugly and looks like it was built in 2001 Your site looks good but isn’t user friendly, meaning visitors aren’t sure where to click and how to navigate to the right pages Your website looks good on a laptop but looks distorted and horrible on a tablet or smart phone Not only can we help with these problems but also making/building your site so that it is search engine friendly as well. Click here to learn more about our web development services. You can always just request a proposal right now, too, if you’re ready.


4. For how long do I have to wait for the results?

A higher rank on the search engines is dependent on several factors like the number of keywords etc. Moreover, some niches are much more competitive than others. So the results will depend on the nature of your business. However, being the best SEO Company in New York, we try to provide you with the desired results in a short time span.


5. How much do I have to pay for SEO services?

To determine the exact amount you will have to pay, we need to have much more details about your business. This will include the products or the services you are selling, the coding of your website, the competitive level of your business and others. On the basis of this, your cost of SEO services will be determined. However, you can always contact us to get a free quote.


6. Will I be able to see the report of my visitors?

As we provide the best SEO services in New York, we focus on the effective communication with the clients. Every month, we will provide you with a detailed report that will include all the information about the ranking progress as per keywords. It will also include the traffic report of all the search engines. The data will be converted into an easily understandable format so that the transparency of the operations can be maintained.