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In today’s competitive market, SEO is more essential than ever. Search engine ranking algorithms take a number of factors into account before deciding which web page will be shown in the first page, Grey Media focuses on improving overall searchability and visibility of the client’s website. SEO has a better ROI than the traditional forms of marketing like TV and print ads. A best-in-class SEO optimization with proven techniques gives top ranking in the search engines. We target your business exposure, brand awareness, organic traffic, credibility, a high ROI and insight into consumer behavior. Moreover, our custom SEO campaigns are available to build a long-lasting & trusted relationship with the clients.


The Year of 2019 for SEO is not about ranking the popular items but finding the things in micro-moments. Google is the gatekeeper to massive amounts of traffic and leads, Search Engine Optimization opens the doors. SEO constantly changes over time but what is not changing is the value of your buyer persona finding you through organic search. Our experts are mindful of Google’s algorithm updates and know how to win a top spot for your brand.


About 93% of online users begin their journey with a search engine.


About 72% of online users never scroll past the first page of the results. 


About 61% of online users research a product before making a purchase.


As PPC advertising confirms your position in the search engine, our management services will allow your advertisements to utilize a full suite of paid advertising formats that will deliver instant traffic to your site. There are different formats of ads that can help your business to attract traffic. These are


Display Ads

Display ads take the form of image, text, video and rich media to the convey company’s message to the consumers. Around two million sites are a part of Google’s Display network, which permits visual advertisements to the sites to display. Display Ads can appear between paragraphs in an online news article, to the right side of a blog. Overall this is a good option for increasing brand awareness.



Text ads are a type of marketing communication used by advertisers for the purpose of promoting their products and goods. It provides patrons with a snippet of information about the business. Text ads can be easily reached to the audience looking for specific service. The advertisement appear above the organic search results. It has three major parts – a headline text, a display URL, and a description text.



Have you ever visited a website in order to look for the product? Letting it follow you around everywhere you go online. These are remarketing ads. Remarketing ads are the types of ads that appear only after visiting the website. These ads follow the visitor from search engines to news articles, to social media and what not. And you can create one for yourself too to follow you until you visit the site again.



To sell your goods in an orderly manner with detailed information of what you are providing to the consumers, Shopping Ads are the answer to your question. Shopping ads contain the images, store information or video of the products. Shopping ads are a prevailing method in the market to get your goods on display. They appear above organic search results. These Ads have a high click-through rate.


What Our Clients Say

Experts at Greymedia are well versed in the art of creating a user-friendly advertisement and excel at producing such a content that can capture the attention of the right customer at the right moment.

Abraham Amouyal

Hiring the PPC management services of Greymedia made me realize how differently the results can change in favour of you, when the things are done in an adequately fine and professional way.

Lucas Bond

Experts and professionals working at Greymedia have effectively turned our organization’s dreams into reality. Because of their utmost dedication, Greymedia has always been able to deliver more than what the clients want. Thank you so much guys.

Chris Small