Project Description


Everyone starts with the beginning so do Assembly experts, a furniture installation service company who was nothing before Grey Media, they were stuck in the jumble of things and were not following the patterns and the values of Business marketing. Their moto is “if it arrives in pieces, we make it whole.” But they were itself torn into pieces as Grey Media make them whole. They did not have content strategy, and much keywords to rank their website on the search engine in top pages.


Understanding what traffic came from what channel is easier in digital marketing than it ever was in offline marketing. Digital marketers make rational decisions on the success and failure of campaigns and what to do with the budget based on reliable information from their web analytics tools. But what if the reporting in two of the largest online channels is less reliable than everyone thought? What if 60% of direct traffic which is usually attributed to PR, social, offline, and brand, is actually traffic from search engines with the domain referrer stripped off? That would mean that search’s contribution would be undercounted. The main challenge for Grey Media was to redesign their website thoroughly and then start working on the marketing strategies.


At the end of the day “data never lies” and business is about increasing revenue, but it all starts with the good strategy and proper planning to deal with the problems. Assembly experts were giving their information out of the box, irrelevant and un necessary. The large focus was on limiting any negative impact on the company. There were no flow of traffic and good revenue. Despite from that another challenge was to maintain their website for online booking, keywords present in the search engine result pages, or in total pages indexed were ineffective. Effective keywords were required for the better ranking over the search engine. Grey Media, very logically and keenly arranged their website, rank them high in the SEO Market and give them access on the google my business.

You can clearly see in the graph. That with proper planning and strategy, traffic is increasing day by day.

The Process

To track the progression of Assembly expert, multiple data points were used. To cope with the challenges and to deal with the problems, Grey Media has worked very keenly and logically over planning, mapping and auditing.



By the process of development, communication, target audience and tracking, Assembly experts is now amongst those who are ranked first on the search engine. It will now surely enhance the revenue and productivity of the company that is the foremost task of Grey Media. You can see clearly.
By generating specific keywords using google search results and AdWords that allow to target visitors for your website 82% of internet users search, make and purchase with google and 65% click on google adds and make purchases while shopping online. Web analysis, keyword research, content writing and website optimization through planning, mapping and auditing Assembly experts is getting more and more traffic day by day which is the foremost duty of GREY MEDIA who believe in each client to succeed.