Project Description

The Background

As consumers, we trust first page search engine, as we flip through the pages, the results get less and less relevant, less and less helpful and less and less trustworthy. M&E is a business furnishing company representing across Canada, BC, WA and USA. They were stuck in the jumble of things, least organized and a hustle of information over the website. They did not have the content strategy in place, or much visibility into keyword’s ranking on per location basis, but with the services provided by the Grey Media group they are now stable and even high ranked. 


The main challenge to cope with was, optimizing and testing because 93% of online users begin their journey with the search engine. The large focus was on limiting any negative impact on the company. There were no flow of traffic and good revenue. Despite from that another challenge was to maintain their website for more than 1500 products, keywords present in the search engine result pages, or in total pages indexed were ineffective. Effective keywords were required for the better ranking of M&E over the search engine. Grey Media, very logically and keenly arranged their website, rank them high in the SEO Market and give them access on the google my business. 


By removing products from the site, it will lead decrease in all categories, but through careful planning, the decreased rate could be minimized. The main strategy for high ranking by the Grey Media was to develop a user-friendly website for the users for more than 1500 products over one page with no extra hustle of hyperlinking, then working carefully to increase the rate of flow of traffic through logical and effective collection of keywords, at the end comes to google my business for local ranking.

For the effective flow of traffic primary keywords are used just like “business furniture” or “business furnishing near me”. Through this M&E established a way to drive more traffic to the website through a comprehensive content strategy with information that was truly valuable to business organizers and business owners. You can clearly see in the graph. That with proper planning and strategy traffic is increasing day by day.

The Process

Multiple data points were used to track the progression of the M&E site. To achieve goals and expectations a detailed process of Planning, mapping and auditing was launched.



By the process of communication, campaign development, target audience and tracking, M&E is now amongst those who are ranked first on the search engine. It will now surely enhance the revenue and productivity of the company that is the foremost task of Grey Media