How does Pay Per Click work?

Pay Per Click or PPC functions in way similar to how traditional advertising works. However, it has the added advantage of directing the right audience at your doorstep. With PPC you are asking publishers to allow advertisements on their page. In case a searcher clicks on the advert, you have to pay the publishing website hence the term pay per click.
How does PPC give you a competitive advantage?
PPC targets the niche market of your product or service. It does so by publishing adverts on websites that are related to your product. With a low cost, PPC increases traffic to your website significantly.

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Keyword Research

Keyword Research is the foundation of any successful PPC campaign. SetRank defines, refines and organizes the most effective keywords for your targeted PPC campaign.


Keywords Implementation

After identifying an appropriate set of keywords that are most likely to be searched by users. We will then organize a PPC campaign for you in accordance with them.


Instant Clicks

The advertisements we create attract maximum engagement from users. A PPC campaign administered by SetRank will help generate maximum traffic for your website.


Add Writing

Our content is engaging, to-the-point and targeted to the right audience. Our focus is to provide relevant information that will attract maximum clients for you.


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The Process



Before we begin we try to understand our client and focus on their intended goals. We ask questions related to your target audience, about your services and your budget

Campaign Development

We generate specific keywords using Google search results. Using AdWords allows us to target visitors for your website. And we customize this according to your budget.

Targeted Audience

Pay Per Click services using Google AdWords and YouTube Ads ensures that the target audience reaches your website. With increased traffic you will be able to maximize profits.


Through Google Analytics you can track the effectiveness of our campaign involving PPC, SEO and other services. You can then make necessary adjustments accordingly.

Key Points Regarding PPC Management

To set up a well-optimized Google Ads campaign, we have to pay attention to the following things

Demographics & Psychographics
Location Specific Ads
Ad Copy Writing
Keyword selection
Call Tracking
A/B Ad Testing
Conversion Optimization
Position adjustments
Click Through Rates Improvement
Landing Page Creation
Competition Research
Device & OS Targeting
Ad Scheduling
Interest Targeting
Cost-per-Click Optimization
Cost-per-Acquisition Optimization
PPC Monitoring

Google Search PPC

Using Google Ads, you can have your website appear at the top entries of a search query. According to Google, this allows websites to have more customers in addition to reaching the intended audience. It also allows businesses to have the opportunity to reach its local or global audience.
Google Ads charge you only when it delivers traffic to your website. With it you also have the option to customize your own budget.


A business is successful only if it reaches the right customer base. In marketing your brand and product, we employ various techniques to generate maximum traffic for your website. With this the targeted audience reaches your website which in turn leads to increased business for your company.
In our marketing and rebranding campaigns, we make use of Google AdWords. We have our graphic designers and content writer come up with display ads that gain the attention of customers.

Display Ads

Display Ads appear on websites that publish your advertisements. These are banners which use text and images to convey message about your brand and product to the relevant audience. We create ads using the combined efforts of our graphic designers and content writer. With the final ads that we create, we ensure that the adverts we post are not only engaging but are also informative and visually pleasing.

Mobile Advertising

Almost everyone has a personal smartphone. This means that you have the opportunity to reach more customers. Having your advertisements targeted to the right audience is essential. Therefore, having you marketing done on mobile devices allows you to reach more potential customers.
Therefore, you can have marketing done through text messages in order to reach your customers. This can be localized to provide more benefit to your business. With mobile advertising you can target a certain demographic that serves as your niche.

Youtube Video Ads

You might be have seen advertisements before a YouTube video starts. YouTube posts these ads based on customer preferences and so it reaches the right audience. YouTube only charges you when a viewer watches 30-seconds or more of your advertisement.
It also provides businesses with the option to work with a professional to create a video advertisement. But if you already have a video advertisement it will let you get started right away

Product Listing Ads

Product listing Ads are those which appear on a search engine result after a person has entered a query. These ads ensure that you product is visible. For customers seeking a product similar to yours, they will immediately notice your product among the list.

Using the right title, images and description allows the advertisement for your product to engage with the right customer. Therefore, in adding descriptions and title of your product you will have to employ SEO techniques.


1-How much money do I have to pay for PPC Ads?

The cost of PPC depends primarily on the number of people who click on advertisements on publishing websites. The more people click, the more you will have to pay to the publishing websites. So there is no concrete way of determining how much PPC Ads will cost you.

2-What other options do I have other than Google AdWords and YouTube Ads?

Yahoo and Bing also have Ads services that you can search. However, Google Ads help in generating the most traffic to your website.

3-How do the Ads look like?

The Ads appear on the top of the Google page. And they include title and description of the product often accompanied by a picture.

4-What is included in a PPC Ad?

There are four major components of a PPC Ad and these include title, display URL, destination URL and description.

5-What is the difference between Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express?

Google AdWords and Google AdWords Express are almost the same thing. The focus of Google AdWords Express is on small businesses who do not want to spend their time and resources on a PPC campaign.

 6-How much do Google AdWords cost?

This depends on a few key factors including what your budget is, what the bid for the keyword is etc.

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