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In the world of online business, a website allows interaction between a client and service providers. It is the front face of any organization. Therefore an attractive web design is essential. It is vital that the right information presented in the right way.

SetRank provides web design services New York. Our immaculate designs are not only simple but elegant. They are not only easy to navigate but also provide a practical and seamless user experience. A lot of hard work goes into web design and development because it is an iterative process that can only be made perfect with time.  

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Creative Web Design Process


Clean Design

The usefulness of a website largely hinges on how clean the website design is. Users are more likely to use a website whose interface is user-friendly.


Effective Color Scheme

To make your website unsurpassed, accurate selection of background colour and  combination of complementary colours is essential.



Branding is only about engineering an effective and powerful perception of your business and services. Your website must feature all that makes you stand out.



Alignment is a powerful hidden aspect of a web design which produces ostensible impact. It simply makes the web design look more compelling than ever before.



This is what makes the website easily readable for the user. A proper stunavoidably results in a productive user experience which is very beneficial for objective of the website.



After finalising the information infrastructure, the navigation area of the website should be kept as simple as possible. Horizontal navigation at times is the best option.

Our Process Design

We do not proceed randomly, we do everything systematically



In designing, we use only such tools that are the best.

Creative Process

We adopt a creative approach at each step of designing.

Design & Development

We excel at both and have different experts for both.

Final Product

We ensure that it fulfils all your needs and requirements.

Creative Web Development Process

We create and design the websites as per your requirement.


Clean, SEO-Friendly Code

A website may not look the same to a search engine as it looks to you or us. We develop websites that are search engine friendly.


User Testing / QA:

User testing is the most effective method through which we discover the potential areas of improvement in your website.


Custom Images

Am impactful branding is prerequisite of an accurate projection of your business or brand. Our experts make eye-catching images for this purpose.


Custom Images

Am impactful branding is prerequisite of an accurate projection of your business or brand. Our experts make eye-catching images for this purpose.


Mobile Sites vs. Responsive Sites

Mobile sites are developed specifically for mobile phones while responsive sites automatically adjust their size according to the size of screen.


Compatibility with Multiple Browsers

Since all the visitors do not use the same type of browser to view your site, we ensure that your website is compatible across a wide range of browsers.


Project Done


Happy Clients


Years Of Experience


Team Members



How website designing works?

Our experts first conceptualize a web design which is followed by a web development process converting a static layout to a dynamic website. SetRank is the best web development company in NY, without a doubt. Our experience with a range of projects has enabled our team to perfect its methodology when it comes to web designing. When it comes to the layout of a website, we know what works and what does not.

Improved User Experience for You and Your Customers

Web design and development process requires diligence. Our staff at SetRank is composed of designers and developers that have years of experience. We ensure that our design is best suited to your requirements. For this, we keep our clients informed every step of the way. This is why SetRank is the best website development agency in NY.

What is included in our Web Design and Development services?

SetRank provides web design in New York. Our web design and development team ensures at providing you with the best that our company offers.

With every project, we ensure that our clients are aware about the services we provide which include the following:

Visually appealing web design
Practical web design that makes navigation easy
Mobile friendly web design
Compatibility with several browsers

Web Design & Development FAQ's

1. How long does it take to create a website?

Creating a website involves website designing as well as development. It depends on factors such as the number of webpages, complexity of the website and the deadlines set by you, the client. Another factor is the responsiveness of the client, how quickly they respond to the designs so that we can move onto the development phase.


2. How is the cost of a website determined?

It depends on the complexity of the website and what services are required from us. In addition to providing website design and development services, we also provide SEO and PPC services. Therefore, it is difficult to give a quote without having a look at the website and the overall services that you require.


3. Can I see the website during the development process?

When it comes to providing our services we are transparent. You can see the website while it is being developed. This helps us in fulfilling your requirements.

What our customers have to say about our services?

A remarkably wide range of professionals have commended our performance

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