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Why should you run social media ads?

Brands today are facing a “battle against the algorithms” as organic reach continues to decline. You’re almost forced to “pay to play” if you want people to see your content. Luckily, since people share so much about themselves on social media, these channels know a lot about their users—making it easier to target the right people with the right message in the right places.

We can help you run ads to support almost any social media marketing objective, including:

  • Growing your audience (new fans and followers).

  • Boosting brand visibility

  • Obtaining email addresses

  • Generating website traffic & product sales

  • Increasing engagement with your content


We’ve successfully managed over $1 million in social media ad spends for brands and we can help you too. Firebelly’s social ad management service provides targeted social media ads to grow your audience, engagement, traffic, and sales.


What Our Clients Say

Experts at Greymedia are well versed in the art of creating a user-friendly advertisement and excel at producing such a content that can capture the attention of the right customer at the right moment.

Abraham Amouyal

Hiring the PPC management services of Greymedia made me realize how differently the results can change in favour of you, when the things are done in an adequately fine and professional way.

Lucas Bond

Experts and professionals working at Greymedia have effectively turned our organization’s dreams into reality. Because of their utmost dedication, Greymedia has always been able to deliver more than what the clients want. Thank you so much guys.

Chris Small