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As the world is advancing, the technology is moving faster with higher pace. New methods and techniques of advertisements and making yourself visible around the globe on internet is discovering with passing time. It is beneficial to publicize your business using various new platforms or techniques as they proved to be more efficient than the traditional ones. PPC is an abbreviation of Pay-Per-Click which is a unique type of digital marketing technique that involves the monetary values for advertising the content. The digital marketing companies or agencies only need to pay when their advertisement is clicked only. PPC can be referred as the paid ads available on different platforms available over the Internet or the social media channels like Facebook, Twitter etc. There are many marketing agencies that offers PPC services New york.

Advertisement Types

The main platforms which are commonly used by the advertisers are the Google Adwords which helps to get your advertisements visible on search engines or Google Display Network that publish your advertisements on various website your potential consumers is expected to be at. There are multiple types of Ads that can be implemented which are as follows,

Text Advertisements:

A text advertisement is purely composed on textual principles. The format and text limit is varied from platform to platform. It is one of the most common type of advertisements. Text advertisements are easily triggered by the search network wherever the query is called by the user that makes it more feasible and convenient.

Display Advertisements:

The display ads are associated with the images or the graphics with the content in them. Display advertisements are the eye-catchy as it contains the graphics that fascinates the reader and is one of the best ways to publicize your products with detail in a well presentable manner.

Shopping Advertisements:

A shopping advertisement contain the content about the product which is supposed to get sold. Every time a shopping query is triggered in search engine or shopping engine the shopping advertisements appear. Shopping advertisements usually contains the name of the product, size of the product, price of the products or any other important specification.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Platforms

Google Ads:

This is one of the main advertising platform to deal with PPC campaigns. The Google offers the pay per click opportunities to the organizations to visible their products and services on search engines even YouTube advertisements are now done using the Google Ads. Google Ads is one of the convenient and affordable method for advertisement.

Microsoft Advertising:

This is the advertisement platform from Microsoft mainly associated with Bing. The Microsoft Advertisement offers the pay per click services on its search engine i.e Bing and on its linked sites.

Amazon Advertising:

This is one of the largest and topmost emerging pay per click platforms that offer a huge visibility factor. Amazon urges the advertisers tvo create, display and promote the products and services of organizations.

Advantages of Pay per Click (PPC)

There are multiple platforms and companies that are offering the pay per click or PPC services New York option to avail making it more important and consistent. The benefits of pay per click lead to the higher ratio of advertisements using this pattern are as follows,


The speed of diverting the traffic to your website is extremely high if managed sensibly. Pay per click gives brighter responses than any other pattern of marketing. Advertisers or organizations may obtain an enormous amount of traffic to their websites in a lesser period of time.


The advertisements are actually created to publicize your products and services and obtain potential consumers. So, pay per click gives you precise consumers who are pretty much interest in what you offer.


Due to digital decorum, the performance of the advertisement is tracked efficiently that provides an opportunity to enhance the content of offer in a better way that ultimately helps to generate more traffic and conversions as well.


As mentioned being, due to digital decorum it is easy to track about anything. Similarly it is easy to track the conversion ratios of your advertisement that concludes the ROI of the advertisements.

In order to boost your business it is important that it reach the maximum number of people and contains more exposure, for this different and multiple techniques of pay per click are required. Grey Media Group is a marketing agency that helps you to generate more visitors by placing the advertisements that eventually results in higher conversions and turnovers. Convenient and affordable PPC services New York are offered in order to enhance your selling’s in a productive manner.

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December 16th, 2019

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